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Using on the best Quality Fabrics

There is nothing better than a perfectly tailored custom suit made from high quality fabrics and that is why we only stock the best of what the industry has to offer. At YSG & Co, our entire range of fabrics are 100% Australian Merino Wool and wool mark accredited so you know you are getting quality you can count on. Ranging from super 100’s to super 150’s, our selection of premium fabrics have something for everyone.


Enjoy choosing from over 500 fabrics sourced from the most elite suppliers in the business. Whether you want a bold check custom suit for an event, a beautifully textured suit for work or a more traditional look for your wedding, we have the perfect fabric to suit you.

Creative thinking & Design

The key to designing the perfect custom suit is selecting the finest quality fabrics and paying attention to all of the small details. From the lining on the inside of your jacket to the buttons on the outside to the final edge stitches, we offer limitless design options allowing you to create the custom suit you have always wanted.


All our trimmings are of the highest quality and are the perfect finishing touches to our premium fabrics. If you are new to the custom suit world, we are here to give advice and show you how these design elements can take your suit game to the next level.

Bringing you the final Product

After you have chosen your fabrics and design elements, this is when the real magic begins. At YSG & Co, our custom suits are constructed by one of the leading manufacturers and with this we can guarantee you’ll receive the finest quality suits every time.

Once the final product has arrived, we will arrange an appointment for you to come in and try on your creation and this is where you get to see it all come to life. Not only will we ensure that the suit is fitting to perfection but also educate you on how to wear and style your brand new YSG & Co custom suit.

Beautifully tailored suits for all occasions
  • Professionally experienced Tailors
  • Travelling to home, work or office
  • Specialising in Weddings, Functions and Corporate events
  • Lifestyle Suits for everyday attire
  • Business & Work suits helping you look professional all day everyday
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