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YSG & Co, founded in 2019 by Ryan McIntyre and Dylan Marshall, is an elite custom suit business operating in Melbourne Victoria. After working for other brands in the industry for several years, Ryan & Dylan decided to take their skills, connection and drive to create a company that embodies what they believe in and stand for as professionals.

At YSG & Co, our mission is to be a fashion focused leader in custom suiting that delivers exceptional experience and premium quality products. Built on honesty, dedication and a passion for making all clients look and feel amazing, we strive to work with only the best people from all facets of the industry.

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Providing the best customer services in the business is our mantra, and that’s what separates us from them



From material selection right through to suit accessories, we will help design your suit from head to toe

Our Goal is to have our clients leave, knowing they have the best suits in Australia - Ryan Mcintyre
Ryan Mcintyre

Ryan started his career as a custom suit tailor in 2014. With a strong background in customer service & client relationships, Ryan was drawn to the role because of is fast paced nature, the ability to help people and the fact that nothing beats a well fitted suit.

What makes Ryan an exceptional tailor is his dedication to all clients. You will hear him say that he wouldn’t let any of his clients wear anything he wouldn’t wear himself. Every suit creation is different, having the the opportunity to be apart of designing and creating  suits for people is special. Most of Ryan’s clients have been with him since the beginning  of his career and are now considered mates he would have a beer with. A laid back but professional approach to ensuring the end result meets the client expectation is number 1.

With over 600 weddings and 200 corporate regular clients, Ryan’s network spans across a range of industries and has seen him become a well-respected custom suit tailor in Melbourne. When it comes to Ryan’s personal style, he can’t go past a perfectly taper pair of pants or skinny chinos. You won’t see Ryan in a jacket all the time but he will rock a fully custom vest every day of the week.

His strengths as a tailor lie in traditional styling but he is also not afraid to push boundaries when it comes to colours and prints. Its all about not being too busy, it just gets confusing. Loud suits are fine but tone it done with the shirt and ties or pocket square. Let one item be the hero. And never introduce too many different colours. Stick to simplicity, clean and sophistication.

Ryan prides himself on being able to work closely with clients to understand their ideas, bring the idea to life and give a positive experience that the client will never forget.

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Bringing together a quality designed suit that our customers are happy with makes us happy - Dylan Marshall
Dylan Marshall

Dylan Marshall started his career in the menswear world back in 2012. With a love for client relations and fashion, Dylan quickly excelled in his role and began developing a strong network of both wedding and corporate clients.

Delivering the highest standards of customer service and made to measure products to all clients, Dylan was able to gain a well-respected reputation in the industry. After working between two menswear brands for several years, Dylan felt it was time to venture out on his own. Taking his invaluable knowledge, experience and professional values, Dylan created a brand that embodied everything he believes in.

Attention to detail, classic styling and sharp tailoring can be seen heavily in all made to measure suits that Dylan creates for his clients and also within this own personal suit style. Dylan prides himself on providing all customers with a professional, friendly and relatable experience that makes getting a custom suit made simple and enjoyable. Whether it be for his wedding clients or corporate clients, Dylan uses his strengthens in communication, organization and client relations to deliver the best possible results.

Dylan is quoted saying “Having a customer serviced based retail model has allowed us to build exceptionally strong relationships with our clients which in turn has allowed us to be able to meet their wardrobe needs no matter the occasion ”

Each client that Dylan deals with can expect to receive laid back but yet professional service that feels as though you are dealing with a friend. Offering on trend styling advice combine with impeccable tailoring, When Dylan isn’t selling made to measure suits, he can be seen on the football field where he exercises the same standard of dedication to getting great results.

“One of the great perks of the job is seeing the transformation of our client’s ideas and inspirations from just photos and fabrics to making them become a reality. Our clients walk that little bit taller with their custom designed and custom-made suits” Dylan Marshall

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